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Friday, October 9, 2015

The Complete Parsina Saga boxed set now available for pre-order

The Parsina Saga is an Arabian Nights-style epic fantasy tale, weaving romance and adventure through a world of djinni, wizards, undersea cities, flying carpets, and demons. I think it's one of my most powerful and entertaining works. It comprises four complete novels: Shrine of the Desert MageThe Storyteller and the JannCrystals of Air and Water, and Treachery of the Demon King.

Until now, these books have only been available separately. Now all four of these novels are gathered together in a single ebook boxed set, priced to provide a considerable savings over buying each of the books separately. The complete story appears, unexpurgated, in this one volume.

Impoverished storyteller Jafar al-Sharif is mistaken for the thief of a holy urn. He and his daughter Selima escape capture by impersonating mighty wizards--but this imposture brings them into further danger, and sets them on a journey around the world to recapture a lost relic. Meanwhile, the real thief of the urn is in league with the king of the demons to enslave the world under the power of evil.

The Parsina Saga is a gripping journey through an exotic world that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The boxed set will be published on Dec. 5, 2015. I know that may sound like a long way off and you've already got a large TBR pile awaiting your attention, but let me give you a few reasons to consider purchasing this boxed set now.
  • PRICE: Up through Dec. 5, the boxed set will be priced at $9.99 US, which is half what it costs to buy the books individually. After publication, the price for the boxed set will rise to $14.99--still a savings over individual buys, but not quite as great. And of course, your charge account won't be debited until publication date, so it won't be a drain on your finances in the meantime.
  • FREE EBOOK: Folks who pre-order the set can get one of my other ebooks free as a thank-you gift. Choose the book you'd like as a gift from those listed on my ROGO page and email me a copy of your receipt for the boxed set dated no later than Dec. 5. I'll send you a Smashwords coupon for the ebook of your choice in return.

The boxed set can be pre-ordered from several sites, depending on the format you prefer:

EPUB: Apple iBooks Barnes & Noble Kobo

MOBI, EPUB, PDF: There won't be a Kindle edition because of Amazon's repressive royalty policy, but users of these formats can pre-order from Gumroad.

ALL FORMATS: Smashwords doesn't have the capacity to sell prior to publication date, but you can buy a copy there on Dec. 5 and it will still qualify for both the special pre-order price and the free ebook offer.

So please join the pre-publication party. Not only will you get 4 novels for the price of 2, plus an extra free one, you'll also acquire an exciting reading adventure through an exotic world of the Arabian Nights.

Pleasant reading!

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