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Saturday, May 14, 2016

New Title and New Edition


I'm excited to announce I have a new book about to be published--a science fiction adventure entitled Into the Out. Told through the eyes of a teenage girl, it concerns eleven high school students on a field trip in the desert who come across a long-buried starshi;p. The ship takes off with them aboard and whisks them away into interstellar space. They don't know where they're going or why, but they have to pool their resources to survive their mysterious journey into deep space.

The book is being considered by Kindle Scout, and this is where you come in. For those of you unfamiliar with it, Kindle Scout is a reader-driven program by Amazon. It's somewhat along the lines of Kickstarter, where the readers themselves choose what they'd like to see published. In this case, though, you don't have to put up any money, not a cent. You just visit the campaign site and read the opening section of the book, about 5,000 words. Then, if you like what you see and want to read more, you vote for it. If the book gets enough votes, Amazon will publish it as an ebook under their own imprint.

Oh, and as a thank-you gift for supporting it, you'll get a free copy of the final ebook

What can you do to help? Just a few simple things:

  1. During thee campaign period (May 15 through June 14, 2016), visit this Web page.
  2. Read the opening section of Into the Out.
  3. If you enjoy the book and want it to get published, nominate it. You can have up to 3 active nominations going at any one time.

That's all it takes. You'll be notified when the campaign period is over. If enough other people agree with you that the book should be published, you'll get an early ebook copy with my compliments.

And tell your space opera-loving friends. The more, the merrier.

I hope you'll enjoy the sample, and thank you for your support.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Read an Ebook Week: Ebook Bargains

Once again I'm participating in Smashwords' International Read an Ebook Week, March 6-12. Most of my titles will be at least half off their normal price, some even more.

Free Goodies
Some of my works will be free this week, including:

"Of Love, Free Will, and Gray Squirrels on a Summer Evening"
"When There's No Man Around"
"Portrait of the Artist as a Young God"
"Grim Fairy Tale"
Tsar Wars

Special Deals

The Complete Parsina Saga -- all 4 volumes for just $7.50
Quiet Post-- just $1.25
Ghosts, Girls, & Other Phantasms -- just $1.25
And Not Make Dreams Your Master -- just $1.25

Other Bargains

Virtually all my other novels will be 50% off. See the complete list of my titles.

Thank you for joining in the fun, and pleasant reading!