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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Read An Ebook Week, 2017

Once again I’m participating in international Read An Ebook Week, March 5-11, 2017. This is the week when authors, particularly on Smashwords, offer fantastic specials on their  ebooks. For instance, all of my full-length books are at least 50% off, and a few are even more. See the list of my books.

Of particular interest this year is the deal on my 4-volume Arabian Night-style Parsina Saga. This is the story of a black-hearted thief who steals a powerful magical artifact, and an innocent storyteller and his teenage daughter who are mistakenly charged with the crime. In order to free themselves, they must convince the world’s mightiest wizard that they, too, are magical adepts. This starts them  on a chase across the world of Parina—a world of flying carpets, djinni, gnomes, the City of Apes, the Isle of Illusions, an undersea kingdom, the City of Faces and a dragon-demon—culminating in a battle of ultimate good and evil.

Volume I, Shrine of the Desert Mage, is free during Read An Ebook Week; the other three books (The Storyteller and the Jann, Crystals of Air and Water, and Treachery of the Demon King)—normally $4.99 each—are half off. That brings the cost of the entire series to $7.50.

Alternatively, for those who like things in a tidy bundle, you can buy The Complete Parsina Saga, which comprises all four novels, in a single volume for the same price of $7.50. This is probably neater for your files.

Another great bargain is my comic fantasy novel Polly! It’s gotten fantastic reviews on Amazon, and it’s going at a 75% discount during Read An Ebook Week.

To take advantage of these bargains, go to each book’s individual Smashwords page. During this special week there’ll be a coupon code there that you enter at purchase. These coupons work only at Smashwords itself, not at any other retailer, but you can get any title in EPUB, MOBI, or virtually any other format you choose.

Pleasant reading.

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